Agnew Motability Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) is specially converted from a standard car in order to accommodate your wheelchair. This means that wheelchair users can travel while remaining in their wheelchair, either as a passenger or driver.

The size, shape and design of the WAV will vary depending on the original vehicle used for the conversion, but all WAVs have been specially designed for easy access and safe travelling.

Standard WAV features include:

  • A built-in ramp or lifts on larger vehicles
  • Access from the side or the back of the vehicle
  • A lowered floor or raised roof to allow enough headroom
  • Wheelchair tie-downs


These WAVs normally have a ramp, rather than a lift, to allow access to the vehicle. They can have at least one rear seat and can accommodate up to four including a wheelchair passenger.


If you have a larger wheelchair or regularly travel with four or more passengers or have equipment that you need to keep with you, a medium sized WAV might suit your needs.


If you will be regularly travelling with many passengers and require a number of seats, or if you have a large or heavy wheelchair, or a lot of equipment that you need to keep with you, then a large WAV is probably right for you.

We can offer WAVs through the Agnew Volkswagen Van Centre in Newtownabbey. We appreciate that these can be quite specific based on your needs, so we would love to speak to you personally. Please contact us on (028) 9034 2111.

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